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Regardless of circumstances, national borders, and inter-city distances, office Audio Visual systems help employees stay connected with their colleagues as well as customers. Thanks to technological advancements, audio-visual (AV) solutions have made the operation of most businesses easy, fast, and efficient. With Audio Visual equipment in place, more and more companies are promoting work-from-home or part-time work practices. These work options allow employees to cut their commuting time shorter and maintain a perfect work-life balance.

So, are you planning to invest in business AV solutions to help your employees understand things better and enhance your company’s growth? Here is the list of essential Audio Visual equipment that you should consider installing in your workplace.

Important AV components For Office Reception Area

  • Speakers: Installing premium quality speakers in your office reception area will enable you to play music and company announcements. It will put a positive impression on the clients or customers on visiting your office. It will create a welcoming environment and provide entertainment to your guests while waiting for their requirements to be met. However, the volume of the speaker should always be turned to comfortable levels to put the guests at ease.
  • Intercom Systems: Whether it’s communication or security, intercom systems are useful for both. Intercoms should essentially be installed in offices for multiple reasons. Some of the important uses of office intercom systems include – access control, communication with delivery workers, or communication with clients visiting the office premises.
  • Speech Transfer Systems: These systems are usually used at reception desks to speak to customers or clients. They are two-way communication systems connected through a booth or security screen. These systems are helpful for assisting visitors even if the reception area is noisy.

Apart from the above components, video walls, radios, and LED screens are other important equipment of office Audio Visual systems that should be considered for installation.

Important AV components For Conference Rooms

  • Interactive Screens: Displays are one of the most essential components of a conference room. Interactive screens allow employees to virtually see their colleagues, view presentations, and share screen through smart devices. You may choose to install a single display if the conference room of your office is small or dual screens if your company has heavy video call users. Dual screens allow meeting attendees to see other video participants and the content of the presentation at the same time.
  • Projectors: If you want your business meetings to be interactive and brainstorming, consider investing in equipment that offers good visuals. Projectors are great business AV solutions to illustrate a point or share an idea with the entire room. They are also useful in presenting different learning styles to the audience.
  • Video Conferencing: If you have work-from-home employees in your company, you should essentially equip your meeting rooms with effective tools that can help you communicate with your staff members. For making employees work efficiently in a work-from-home environment, clear audio and visuals play a key role. And for that, you would require good video conferencing equipment. Such a conferencing setup usually comprises display screens, speakers, and microphones.

Apart from these, SMARTboards, speakers, and control panels are installed in office conference rooms.

Important AV components For Work Stations

  • Video Walls: They are extremely useful for displaying news, notices, and weather updates within a workspace. They not only keep offices updated and connected with important news but also make the workplace look ultra-modern and professional. You may even use video walls for other purposes like showcasing your brand logo, company updates, and marketing.
  • Interactive Screens: Do you want to increase employee engagement in your workplace? Consider installing interactive screens! They are available in all shapes & sizes, offering excellent options for collaboration. Moreover, they can be wall-mounted and used to assist in meetings. So, if you are looking for an effective component of office Audio Visual systems to be used for quick brainstorming sessions, interactive screens should be your ideal solution. They will not only allow you to explore your ideas but also develop concepts within a group without access to meeting rooms.

Now that you know some of the essential components of business AV solutions, let’s find out the ways to utilize them.

Ways to Utilize AV Equipment

  • Employee Training: Installing the right Audio Visual equipment in your office can help you save time and money in training your employees.
  • Enhancing Office Setting: Audio Visual equipment will enable you to spread your brand’s message and promote your deals or offers within your office space. Brand messages shared through interactive displays, intercom systems, and video walls will let customers see your latest offers while they wait.
  • Audio or Video Conferencing: Conferring equipment like projectors, interactive screens, and microphones will let you remain connected with your clients, customers, and employees.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn the important components of office Audio Visual systems. However, the best way to make sure that your office is properly equipped for meeting the audio-visual needs of your employees and business is to connect with a professional audio-visual supplier.

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