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There are different seasonal and climatic changes that occur year round hence a need to water your foundations according to these changes. There are various needs to water your foundation and one includes that it would ensure that the soul beneath your house doesn’t get too dried up and start developing cracks. Watering your foundation often benefits your home and saves you lots of money for repairs periodically. A foundation repair florida company can help you find a perfect water routine that you can adopt in order to secure your foundation’s integrity.

What To know About Watering Your foundation 

Some home owners usually build their home on clay soil which is capable of storing water very well. When the dry season comes along it tends to become extremely dry. To protect your home from changes caused by dried up foundation you have to do it frequently, you can also get a tampa sinkhole repair contractor to inspect your foundation if you spot gaps, holes and uneven spots. Some homeowners also use other measures to ensure their foundation stores up enough water for the dry season and they include; planting leafy shrubs around their foundation and keeping them watered all year long.

Watering Schedules You Can Adopt

When deciding how often you should water your foundation you have to put into consideration the climate of your area or town. If it is not too dry you may not want to water your foundation too often because a foundation that is too damp may cause more harm like discoloration to the walls which an expert concrete repair Orlando would warn you against.

You need to water more during hot weather and water less during the cold or damp weather

  • During the beginning of the dry season you may water just once or twice a day
  • When the dry season becomes too much you may need to water every two hours.

What Happens If You Water The Soil too much

If you end up putting more water than the soil can carry you may end up with a soggy foundation that would puff up and get larger in volume. There should be an appropriate amount of water that is necessary for a foundation and seawall repair Fort myers contractor expert can help you with instructions for that. The most effective way to water your foundation is to use a sprinkler and place it 10 to 15 inches away from the actual foundation in the morning and evening.

Tips For Watering Your Foundation, Factors To Consider 

Some factors to consider before, during and after Watering your foundation includes the following

  • The type of soil around your home, if it is one that retains water quickly or not.
  • The side of the foundation that is more exposed to sun. That would be the part which would be the driest.
  • The season and climate would affect how much you water your foundation 

Another equipment you can use to water your foundation apart from a sprinkler is a soaker hose or irrigation system which you set 30 minutes for each instance


Watering your foundation is very crucial and helps to maintain your home’s integrity for over a long period of time. By doing that you can help your home in a positive way and avoid cracks that may lead to gaps and holes in your foundation or a worse foundation shift.

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