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Lego Piece 26047 has been out of production since 2004, making it one of the most rare and sought-after pieces from this time period in Lego history. The average price on sites like Amazon and eBay ranges from $50-$150, although sets containing these pieces can fetch up to $400! But what does Lego Piece 26047 do? And should you pay so much money for it? We will answer these questions in this Lego Piece 26047 review.

What is Lego Piece

This Lego piece is used as an addition to a lego kit. It was introduced in 2007 and comes in two colours: black and brown. The part of it’s name is how many studs wide it is, with one stud being approximately 1/2 inch. There are also other pieces that come in three different colours that measure 1/2 x 2 studs, 3/4 x 2 studs, and 7/8 x 4 studs. Because of their size, they can be used for bulkier builds like trees or large monsters or even to hold up a bigger build if you’ve built something so tall that it won’t stand on its own anymore but you don’t want to cut any pieces off of it because you’re not quite done yet.

Pros of Lego Piece 26047

This piece is a handy replacement for any broken or lost parts that you may have. The versatile color combinations mean it can be used in many models and its low price makes it very affordable. Cons of Lego Piece 26047: This piece is difficult to find, as not many stores carry it and Lego doesn’t allow third party sellers on their site. The color selection isn’t perfect either as only a few colors are available. All in all, if you need some new pieces to build with but don’t want to spend too much money on them, then I recommend that you give Lego Piece 26047 a try.

Cons of Lego Piece 26047

Can be hard to find, not many sellers, sold by only a few retailers. The piece is sometimes hard to assemble because it has such tiny pieces. Can also get lost easily. Not always found in black, but if you are looking for that color and cannot find it locally you can use black nail polish to paint it. Pops off other pieces when pressure is applied. Many sellers sell fake parts which don’t fit with others. Also some genuine Lego Pieces are slightly misshaped due to their age, causing them not to snap into place on certain plates or bricks.

Where to buy Legos?

I got my legos from a nice retail store called Target. They had everything in stock and made shopping for them easy, but you can also buy them online. There are many different Lego selling sites that have good deals on Legos. I would recommend using Amazon or eBay because they are very popular sites and will be a great way to find your next Lego set. You may want to ask your friends and family if they have any old sets you can use, just in case you don’t have enough money to spend on a new set yet!

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