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Har Ki Dun


Har ki Dun trek is rich with the flavours of history, culture where you can get a taste of rivers, mountains and magical valleys. This age-old trail route in Garhwal of Himalayas is one of a kind experience in nature’s surroundings. Track down the history of trekking routes and many ancient villages, some of the ruins too on this trail. The captivating legends and folklore narrated by the villagers is also one of the amazing experiences on Har ki Dun trek. 

Explore the source of Yamuna River known as Baspa valley which looks beautiful surrounded by the rocky terrain of the mountains. Not just mountains, Har ki Dun also specialises in the green carpeted meadows that stretch far and ahead. In short, Har ki Dun has everything magical along its trail that a nature enthusiast can ask for.

Trek Distance: 44 km

Trek Altitude: 12,000 ft

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: October to February

Trail Information

Day 01: Arrival

Your first day is dedicated to reaching the base camp of Har ki Dun trek of Sankri, a small village. As Dehradun is well connected with all the big cities through any means of communication you first need to reach Dehradun from your hometown. After reaching Sankri you can check-in in your cottage and relax for the day.

Day 02: Sankri to Pauni Garat

The next morning head to Pauni Ghat from Sankri village which involves an hour drive to Taluka and then trek towards Pauni Ghat. The drive part will introduce you to the terrain of the trail closely while the trek ahead is a decent one to reach your first camping site. On this day you will cover 10 km in about 6 hours.

Day 03: Puani Garaat to Kalkattiyadhaar

On the third day you will start your trek from Puani Garaat at an elevation of 8,200 ft and aim for Kalkattiyadhaar which is at a height of 9,800 ft. You will come across several spring-water points and the trail is steeper than the previous day. You will cross 3 garaats aka Hydroelectricity projects that aid the villagers. You will get to witness Baspa valley connected by Borasu Pass and stunning views of Dhauladhar ranges.

Day 4: Kalkattiyadhar to Har Ki Doon

On the fourth day you will conquer the height of 12,000 ft to reach the Har ki Doon after a trek of 9 hours covering a distance of 10 km. The trail includes comparatively easy hike in the forest and the gradual ascent terrain mixed with boulders. The winter months give you a heavenly view of the valley and mountain peaks of Swaroghini and Black peak. There are several water streams flowing down the valleys and the waterfalls are frozen in the winters. On the same day you will descend back to Kalkattiyadhar and make your camp here.

Day 5: Kalkattiyadhar to Puani Garaat

Fifth day marks the descending from the familiar trail going back retracing your steps and reliving the final moments in the mountains. You can explore the culture of the locals and get to know the folklore related to the people of mountains.

Day 6: Pauni Garaat to Sankri 

You are back to your first campsite and now you need to drive back to Sankri from Taluka. The climbing down won’t exhaust you as much as the climbing up and you get back with lots of memories.

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Day 7: Departure

Seventh day marks the goodbye from the Har ki Dun trek and you can take a bus till Dehradun which is a 10-hour drive. As per your convenience you can board a flight or catch a train from Dehradun to your place. If you are making a stop at Delhi then opt for a bus service either public or private. 

When to Visit 

Trekkers prefer setting out for Har ki Dun Trek either in the summer months of April to June or in the post monsoon months of September to December. However, winters are best for the fresh snow and the views of snow peak mountains. Spring and autumn months also give you varied colours with the gushing rivers and beautiful valleys. So, if you are looking for magnificent views and adventurous experience then the months of October to February are best

Cost for the Trek

The cost for the trek trip to Har ki Dun depends on various factors like quality of your stay, service offered by the tour operator, peak season and others. On an average the cost can range between INR 9000 to INR 18000 for a 7 day tour from the base camp.

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