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Do you know whenever you go to a high altitude you need a lot of oxygen as compared to when you are at sea level? That means you have to push yourself to breathe more and yes that’s good for your health. So don’t think much about getting out of your comfort zone and indulging yourself in this magnificent beauty. I must say every Indian should explore this biggest treasure of a nation once in a lifetime. It’s the best place to revitalise yourself.  So here is the list of best treks in Himachal Pradesh which you must go for to have that enriching experience as a trekker. Here are the best treks of the Himalayas in India.

Hampta Pass (Level – Easy to Moderate)

Excellent trek for beginners surrounded by beautiful wildflowers. You can call it a mini valley of flowers. Situated at 14,039 ft in a small village called Hampta. The best thing is you will end your trek at lake Chandratal lake which means lake of moon. This crescent-shaped lake will make sure all your pain was worth it to come here. In summer it’s all over the snow, so you will walk in the snow beside huge mountains. This trek gives you everlasting memories of Himalayan beauty.

Ideal Time to Visit: Mid June to Mid October

Days to Travel: 5 to 6 days

Total walk: 35km

Deo Tibba Base camp (Level – Moderate)

It’s the second-best trek you can experience but it is going to be a little bit harder than “Hampta Pass”. As the name says and it is a local belief that at top Gods assemble that’s why the name is Deo Tibba. Those who are pioneering in their mountaineering activity then this is worth experience for them. It’s a walkthrough dense forest and you will also come across some freshwater springs. As the difficulty level is moderate you will need some guidance and support. Here you will find spectacular landscapes and an experience of camping at the riverside.

Ideal Time to Visit: Mid June to Mid October

Days to Travel:12 days

Total walk: 75km

Buran Ghati (Level – Moderate)

This is the most exhilarating trek with overall breathtaking views. The holy Chandranahan Lake contains many water springs and melting snow. Here you can do rappelling also. Splendid meadows are covered with a variety of wildflowers. You will come across a rare variety of plants like fruit orchids. You will enjoy the snow sliding and have thrilling exposure throughout the trek.

Ideal Time To Visit: Mid May to June/early July

Days To travel: 7 to 8 days

Total Walk: 37km

Pin Parvati Pass ( Level – Difficult)

The Pin Parvati trek is for those who have sound knowledge of trekking and have a good level of fitness. Also, the duration of the walk is more so it will test your endurance level. It’s a diverse experience of magnificent gradients, glorious passes, and scenic mountains. You will encounter hot water springs here which is a great way to naturally detox your skin. So, plan this solitary experience in the mountains and relish the everlasting memories.

Ideal Time To Visit: June to September

Days To Travel: 11 days

Total Walk: 100km

Friendship Peak ( Level – Difficult)

Here it is a colosseum of mountains among two major ranges in the Lesser Himalayas- Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal near the Beas Kund Glacier. Friendship peak gives the most incredible views from 17,346ft altitude. The expedition passes through Solang Valley surrounded by alpine trees. Also the visit to the famous Hadimba Devi temple. The most challenging part is walking over a wide bed of ice and climbing over glaciers at high altitudes. If you have a great fitness level and want to exert yourself then this is the perfect destination for you.

Ideal Time to Visit: Mid June to Mid October

Days to Travel: 10 Days

Total Walk: 24 km

So, these are the highly recommended treks which one should go on in his lifetime. To have a mesmerising experience as a mountaineer and cherish the enchanted beauty of the Himalayas to keep your spirits high all time. Never ever miss the chance to embrace the Himalayan beauty of nature in life.

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