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The TTF (True Terrain Following) of UgCs is basically an application that allows the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle to perfectly observe a land or ground at the moment of a flight, fixed on the information obtained from the laser or laser altimeter. It also empowers them to fly at a low and constant AGL altitude (at a low of 10 meters) without the need to import even a detailed Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the UgCs height map.

The Components and software used by them are: –  

          Constituent                  Software
        Radar or laser altimeter. UgCs for DJI v2.36 or higher, mobile device.

   Sky Hub device of UgCs.

More elevated UgCs v4.3.

    Cables & Mounting kit.

Custom Payload Monitor V3.17 of UgCs.

Characteristic of UgCs TTF: – 

• Seamlessly integrate with the UgCs mission planning software.

• Provides more favorable utilization with distance-critical payloads.

• Offer a customizable target along with safe altitudes.

• Offer a customizable aclinic flight speed.

What are thermal cameras and their purpose of use?

The evolution of thermal cameras helps us to inspect and foliage the credibility of an object that is impossible to discern at night time with bare eyes. Depending upon the thermal radiation transmitted by an entity it can register and support in forming an image of that thing – that has a sub-zero temperature in the absence of fluorescent light. No matter how hotter the object is, the brighter it will appear in the thermal imaging system (from the transmute you can select colors accordingly to denote them).

So, you can create a discrepancy in the degree of an object under observation with various color ranges. Like., for a cold entity you can use blue, while red can be utilized to denote the hotter ones.

Therefore, this shows their efficiencies for such an on-demanding situation. The primary list of controlling them are – 

• Accumulating information no matter whether it’s a day or night.

• Ability to check blind spots.

• Strength to view mysterious places.

• Inspection of demanding situations.

How TTF helps the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle to observe any terrain?

The ground-penetrating radar and magnetometers are the two prime components with vast-of-useful features for looking below the ground. Owing to this basis, they broadly started to exercise in mining, engineering, construction, and many other industries as well as also in archaeological assignments. Customarily, this helps to operate in those areas of the terrain that is too fragile and menace for man-kind to step then these sensor-carrying drone thermal cameras come into act. In addition to all this, the only thing that irritates us is – ‘how can you control the flying of an Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle at an exact height?’

1. Too little, too much.

The statistics that are shown by the digital elevation model (DEM) of a particular place in the terrain are usages for this instinct. Though this type of statics is not been accessible for all remote-places and when it does then it is usually not adequately correct. One of the finest accessible commercial DEM statics – for instance, has a vertical precision of three meters. In case you conduct any mission, the need for the sensor is either to be two or even one meter above ground-level then these statics is mere of no use.

Apparently, LiDAR is delivering the solution. It can produce incredibly-precise terrain maps by offering a precision level of up to one centimeter. For UAV mission planning, the way it listens is good though the actual-insight is – an enormous time is nagged as these types of missions are conducted based on so many points. Since these waypoints need to myriad onto the DJI drone in a bunch of not more than 99 at a time, perceived by the LiDAR-mapped area of the terrain accurately to fly over the place repeatedly. Also, by not mentioning the drain of the batteries.  

2. Measuring on the go.

Why instead of using the legitimate terrain statistic – uses the sub-optimal preceding figures? – This super initiative was taken for the latest integration authorization of SPG Engineering to register in the market that presents the unmanned-systems-integration services and software development.

Installing the proprietary on-board computer UgCs Sky-Hub and the radar altimeter to the drone carrying a Magnetometer or GPR (this characteristic is now accessible for DJI M600/M600 Pro and M210/M210 v2 drones as well as can also be utilized with custom drones depending on DJI A3 autopilot) SPH Engineering makes it possible in the observation of the terrain properly without emphasizing the mission with so many waypoints and by making it efficient. 

The radar altimeter accumulates an uninterrupted flow of data at first along with the count of actual length to the surface of the terrain. The on-board computer synthesizes the drone height of the flight accordingly at the second. Since it uses pre-existing figures than actual statics, this reformation is known as True Terrain Following.

3. True terrain-following with one click.

The UgCs software of SPH Engineering is linked with a special add-on that allows all this to conduct a hassle-free drone flying mission plan with perfect flight height precision. Not more than two waypoints on each survey line are needed in the mode of TTF thus protecting you from unessential interruptions in the missions. The only thing that the operator has to do is by setting the desired flight height and speed and initiate the TTF mode. While the other job will be done on their own.

Moreover than mining, engineering, and archaeology – this latest resolute is convenient in those states where Magnetometers and GPRs are not used – however, apart from taking a flight over an object or observing a surface from an exceptional height are demand for other aspects as well. These are associated with the spraying on plants in the agriculture field and in various other sectors where accuracy is prioritized.

The Epilogue: – 

So, now we’ve come to the finish line of this subject – ‘how the UGCS TTF helps to use the drone thermal cameras to conduct any drone mission?’ – Hope that the entire matter has sufficiently been able to furnish you with the absolute-information regarding this topic.

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