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A water purifier is one of the best and easiest methods to get contamination free water when you wish to drink water, and drinking contamination free water is crucial to living a disease free life in Gurgaon as the Gurgaon’s freshwater is not suitable for drinking purposes. And this is the reason why Gurgaon’s people need the best and technologically advanced water purifier for their home.

There are various water purifiers in the market. All of them are based on advanced and modern water purifier technology. All the water purifier manufacturers promise that their water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water contamination. But not all water purifiers are ideal for all types of water contamination; thus, people need to be careful while buying a water purifier.

If you are looking for the best water purifier for Gurgaon’s home, you should contact the water purifier expert at RO service Gurgaon. However, you can also do your research to get the best deal on water purifiers in Gurgaon.

Factor You Must Consider Before You Buy Water Purifier For Your Home

There are the various factor which you should consider while having a water purifier and these factors are

1.Technology Used In Water Purifier

A water purifier is based on various water purification techniques such as reverse osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) technology to punch out the water’s water contamination. Considering a technology used in the water purifier is crucial as various technologies are useful for eliminating different kinds of contamination present in the water.

The dissolved particles in the water are removed using a RO water filter. Although, to remove the germs present in the water, a RO water purifier is also used. It’s mainly employed in places where there’s a lot of dissolved pollution compared to microorganisms. A UV water purifier eliminates the water’s microbes, but a UV water purifier cannot stop the other contaminants present in the water.

Thus considering a technology used in the water purifier becomes crucial because if your regular used water contains a high concentration of TDS. Then you need to buy an RO water purifier to get the contamination-free water. Still, if your regular used water has a high microbes concentration, you should purchase a UV water purifier. Check your steady used water quality if you aren’t sure what your standard used water purifier is. If your water purifier isn’t operating properly, you’ll need urgent servicing. You can opt for a RO AMC Plan to avoid having to pay for RO service in Grugaon on a regular basis.

2.Capacity Of Water Purifier

It is also crucial because having a water purifier with optimum capacity ensures that you will get purified water when you wish to drink water. But if you buy a water purifier whose power is low, you will not get purified water when you want to drink water.

3.Water Purifier Cost

It is a crucial factor you should consider while buying a water purifier, and one should look at their budget before buying a water purifier. As mentioned in the above paragraph, all the water purifiers are best; thus, you need to fix your budget and then look for the best option available under your budget.

4.After Sales Service

Before you bring home your new water cleaner, find out about the cleaner company’s periodic service plan and charges. Check if the company’s service centre is located near your position.

6.Determine Position of TDS

To begin, determine the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration of your water supply. It’s crucial to know if you’re getting hard water with a higher likelihood of minerals and switch deposits. However, you ’ll have to choose a water cleaner that can treat hard water effectively, If this is the case. Drinking water shouldn’t have TDS situations exceeding 500 ppm ( corridor per million). Even yet, if the TDS level in your water is high, you should choose for a water purifier using RO UV technology. But if the TDS is below the maximum limit, we suggest you buy an RO water cleaner.


Electricity plays a vital part when it comes to water cleansers. Numerous don’t work without electricity and they’re useful for homes with bad power deaths. An ultraviolet (UV) sludge would not work if there’s no electricity, as it uses electricity to produce ultraviolet radiation that eliminates bacteria.

An RO system would not work without electricity as it uses electric power to give enough water pressure for the RO membrane. Actuated carbon cleansers don’t bear electricity just like deposition pollutants and ultra-filters (UF). While RO and UV systems remove TDS and bacteria that beget water borne conditions. Non-electric cleaners can only remove a portion of the chemicals dissolved in water, as well as sources and the beach. It’s judicious to conclude for water cleansers that run on electricity.


Drinking contamination free water is essential, and it is not possible until your drinking water purifier gets adequately treated. Thus buy the best and technologically advanced water purifier at your house and then enjoy drinking healthy and contamination free water and living a healthy and disease free life.

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