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Tips to earn real time cash in fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket has become the biggest source of entertainment for most youngsters. It is becoming more famous due to three most important reasons. First of all, it is about cricket which most people love a lot. Secondly it is all about entertainment and spending leisure time in a productive way. Last but not the least it is about winning real time cash and monetizing even leisure activities with the best fantasy cricket app

Ways of making it more profitable

It has been able to uplift the motivation of the people to spend most of the time on this game. But due to the excessive competition and excessive downloading rate, it becomes difficult to register yourself online as the winner of real time cash. In such a situation there should be a proper systematic guide that can help a person to win real time cash in fantasy cricket.

This article would be making an attempt to list down the essential guidelines which every player should keep in mind. All of these guidelines taken cumulatively together will help him to win real time cash. The same has been given in the following way. 

Check the performance of player

Since the game of fantasy cricket provides the opportunity of meeting a team and even betting upon the existing teams, analysis becomes an important part of the process. Before committing yourself to either of these options, it is essential to check the performance of the player once.

 It is one of the most important and essential parts of the process. Evaluation of the performance of the player is important. If the performance of the player is checked on the basis of the previous record then you can make up your mind whether to bet upon him or not. This performance check is important for making the correct investment.  Keep the points in mind when you plan to play fantasy cricket and win real Cash. 

Analyze the weather report

Since fantasy cricket is connected with real time cricket played on the ground, analysis of the weather report must take place. This would help to analyse if a match would be played or not. It would also help to notify the predictable changes in the schedule of the match. 

If in case a particular match in which you were interested gets delayed due to any reason, you can definitely try playing and betting on the other team. This would be providing an opportunity to analyse your chances of winning. It would reduce the wastage of time and accordingly allow you to make the best possible utilisation of the given Technology. 

Stay updated

Fantasy cricket is all about prediction and estimation. If the decision making power and the predictability of a player is high enough then it is an easy sail for him. Prediction cannot be guaranteed and estimated with precision. There might be some deviations and changes in the ultimate results produced. In such a situation, you need to stay updated with all the recent changes that have been introduced. 

This also includes the last moment changes which usually happens just before the beginning of the actual cricket. It is a very helpful practice because it updates the level of prediction. It is also able to motivate the confidence of the player because he has got sufficient information in his hand. 

Create multiple teams

Creating multiple teams is very important for calculating every opportunity of winning. Creation of multiple teams is very helpful. Since it is all about prediction, there is a very high probability that it might go wrong. In such a situation it would be better if you have already made up your mind to play in multiple games. 

These multiple games would be helpful for at least providing you with an opportunity for monetizing the game. It is definitely helpful for promoting a perfect balance of probabilities. It is something that every player takes into account in the long run. Creation of multiple teams is allowed at the interface of fantasy cricket. 

Selecting the top order batsman

The most important part of a cricket match is the batsman. It is only because of its capability that a particular team wins or loses. In such a situation selection of the top order batsman is important. While predicting the game and the performance, only the top order batsman must be chosen. This would enhance the probability of winning. 

You would be in a better position to play the game safety and increase the chances of winning the lottery in cash. Only if that top order batsman places well, that a perfect generation of effort takes place over the period of time. It is all a game of prediction and calculation. Looking at the past performance the order of the batsman must be chosen significantly. 

Choosing the best captain and vice captain

In addition to choosing the best type of Batman, it is important to choose the best captain and vice captain. The performance of the captain and the vice captain is measured across the weighted average. This means that for every goal of the captain an average of 2 would be calculated. 

Similarly for every goal of vice captain an average of at least 1.5 would be calculated. This will ultimately improve the chances of winning due to a higher calculation of marks. It is a very friendly practice over the period of time which must be promoted . 


It can be concluded that this particular game of fantasy cricket can be easily Borne by adopting all of the guidelines which have been mentioned above. It is an effective way to bring a positive light to the entire functioning of the system.It ensures a better targeting of various objects. 

Real time cash can be easily won by the incorporation of all these guidelines systematically in the game. It is a one stop solution to the maximum amount of growth in this fantasy cricket without undertaking any gambling activities. All of these guidelines must be remembered by the individual over the period of time. This is something which is being promoted by the developers and even the players.

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