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Winter can be bad news for your lawn. The soil may become too compacted, the soil pH might be acidic, and some weeds and diseases that love the wet weather could have crept in. The good news is that spring is here, your lawn can recover during spring but only if you follow the tips below. To have a healthy lawn in summer preparation should start during spring. Below are some spring lawn tips to keep your lawn in Green Oasis looking green and vibrant. 

Clean and repair your lawn 

Once the ground is dry, you need to clean up. Part of which is mean raking up dry leaves and other debris. Pick up any twigs and trash that could be on the ground. During this time, you should identify any problems and handle them promptly. If you have uneven ground, the low spots could cause poor drainage which can create power growing conditions for your grass. Grab a shovel and cut away the raised areas and fill in the depressed areas. You should also worry about soil compaction in high traffic areas. Compact soil makes it difficult for grass to grow. You should loosen the ground with an aerator to remove small plugs of soil as well. 

Replant grass 

Once you have repaired the lawn, it is time to reseed the parts that were bare or had gone brown. Reseeding can make your lawn pop only if it is done right. There are some steps to take. First, you need to address any soil conditions that could be preventing the grass from growing. You can get the soil tested to find out what nutrients are lacking. After correcting this problem, you need to purchase seeds to spread on your lawn. Conduct some research to find the right variety for your area. Remember to water the seeds regularly to maintain the right moisture. 

Fertilize the grass 

Once the grass has started sprouting, you can encourage growth and discourage growth by using a combination of herbicides and fertilizers. When and how much to apply varies depending on several factors including how bad the weed problem is. While fertilizers can help your lawn grow green and lush if not used properly it can damage the grass. If you have just planted seeds, you should not use herbicides because they will damage the growing grass. Knowing the nutrients, the soil lacks will help you determine the fertilizer to use. 

Mow the grass 

Cutting grass is not just about cranking up the lawn mower. It is important to factor in mowing height and frequency. The grass can be damaged by cutting it too short. Taller grass can compete with weeds. Longer grass usually shades the ground and helps the soil retain its moisture. Keeping your lawn looking healthy, green and lush is not just about mowing it and keeping the grass the right height. home-owner should do to improve the lawn. Keep the above tips to ensure you do a great job.

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