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New York is a huge city that can be very overwhelming for travellers. To help you save time and money when flying to New York, here are some insider tips to help you during your travels.

1. Know Where to Find Free Wi-Fi

While Starbucks normally has free Wi-Fi, this does not mean that you can connect or use it in any meaningful ways. The best bet is to find a smaller coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi.  Many times, the connection is better, and the shop is more relaxed.

2. A ‘Regular Coffee’

If you are buying a coffee at a deli or street vendor, you will be asked if you want a ‘regular’. This is not the size; a ‘regular coffee’ is made with some milk and two large spoonful’s of sugar.

3. Save Money Food by Visiting the Local Deli

In New York, your best bets for good food that does not cost an arm and a leg are the local delis and coffee shops. You should have an idea of what shops are available around where you are staying and check out their prices. You may be surprised that many delis have cheaper combos than McDonalds.

4. Cut through Crowds

Most of New York’s streets are crowded with people. The best way of getting through these crowds is by using the long gaze technique. You just need to focus your eyes around 50 feet ahead of where you are and stay focused on that spot as you walk. You need to be confident to pull this off because the crowd can swallow you up in a moment.

5. Have a Subway App on Your Phone

If you plan to travel anywhere in New York using the subway, you should have a subway app on your phone. Google Maps does have information about the New York subway built-in, but this only really helps when you know exactly where you are going. pick from, which include Exit Strategy NYC, KickMap, and Citymapper.

6. Enjoy the Cheap Events

While New York is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to travel to, there is a surprising amount of cheap events you can attend. TimeOut’s free theatre events are a good place to start looking for things to do. You can also use The Skint website to find out about other free events taking place during your visit.

While there is the rumour that all New Yorkers are rude, most residents are happy to give you directions or chat with you while they are waiting in a line up. New York is a busy city, so you should expect to be busy or in a rush during your travels.

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