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How to Prioritize the Packing and Moving Process

Household relocation can be one of the most daunting tasks that you can come across. While making your plans for the move, you need to think about a lot of things. This includes finalizing packers and movers to setting the budget, fixing the transportation services to preparing the checklist. There are a lot of things that you need to worry about and as you won’t be able to keep everything in your mind, it is best to note them down. The moving list is the first thing that you must prepare before you can move on to other things.

A moving list is something that helps you in prioritizing your packing and moving work. This includes the tasks and the items according to the priority basis. It is a necessary step as it gives you the confidence to deal with the shift in the first place thus, making the transition easier for you. If you feel perplexed as to how you are going to move across the place and how to deal with the steps following the process, then we have something interesting for you. With the help of the right kind of knowledge, it will be easy for you to prepare a moving checklist to shift into a new location comfortably.

Tips to Prioritize the Packing & Moving Process

When it comes to packing and moving how do you prioritize your work? In short, how do you divide your work so that, you are all done by the time moving companies arrive at the location? Things need proper planning before you can jump into the process. If you are still in the planning phase of the shifting process, then check out these tips that will help in prioritizing your work.

Cleaning the New House Before Relocation

One of our priorities includes cleaning of our old as well as new place. This should be amongst one of the top priority to-do lists. Your new location would definitely need cleaning before you move in. Especially the kitchen and bathrooms, that should be our priority. Visit the new place and get them cleaned yourself or by hiring the cleaning team for this purpose. Why this needs to be one of the priorities is that because you won’t get to book the services if you book them late. So, it is best to be precise and prompt about this task.

Packing Toiletries & Clothing in the Bag of Essentials

It is always best to have a few things packed separately so that, you can stay comfortably in the new location before your things arrive through packers and movers. One must pack the bag of essentials as soon as possible with all the toiletries and items of clothing that they would need for 2-3 days before the packers arrive with the items.

This bag will include items such as nightdresses, casual as well as formal clothes for a day or two, toiletries, make-up kit, chargers, and other items. You can also pack other things in the bag that you won’t be allowed to send with the movers. Having this bag with you will help you become comfortable in the new location until your things arrive via moving company. Moving is a stressful task but having this bag with you will make things easier for you.

Move Most Necessary as well as Largest of Items First

Heavy items such as sofa sets, beds, dining table sets, wardrobe, etc. should be taken into consideration first. When the movers and packers arrive for the pre-move survey, the first thing they will ask you to check and tell is the list of all the heavy items that you need to shift. Moving heavier things in the first thing in the morning of the moving day will help you get the work done easily. In the morning you are all energetic and excited about the move so, loading the heavier things becomes easy.

Above all, it is good for fragile items if the heavy items are placed in the front and first. This will be good for other boxes to be placed gently on top of the heavy things not the other way round.

Numbering the Boxes Accordingly

While packing and moving the items, you must be careful about labeling them. Make this your priority to number the boxes properly so that, you know what to open first as soon as you move into the new place. Either use a marker to number the boxes or use the color-coordinated system to clear what will go where. This will help in prioritizing the boxes that need to be opened first and what will be opened in the last.

Unpacking can become a never-ending task and avoid losing your head around it, you need to ensure that they are numbered properly. Add this to your priority list so that, you don’t forget about it and get it done in that particular order. You will notice that things get done speedily.


Shifting comfortably requires you to make the right plans. Among all other things, you may forget one or two crucial things. Especially when the moving company arrives on the scene, it can get all messy if you don’t have proper plans in place. The movers and packers in Lucknow know how to go into detail but when you want to do things your own way, you will have to prepare all the stuff before they arrive. If you are set to invite movers into the house for shifting your things, then keep this list handy. The above-mentioned tips help in making your household relocation an easy process. Now that you have a proper idea as to how to do it, things will become easy along the way. In case of any doubts and concerns, you can talk to the packers and movers in Lucknow to help you out. They will ensure that packing is done in such a way that you don’t face any problems while unpacking them. Rest they will take care of everything.

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