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Glass Balcony designs have simply raised the bar when it comes to interior design. Besides being functional, they also add character to your home. A balcony is a significant part of a home and the best option for a perfect look is to have a balcony design that has a beautiful glass design. They are undoubtedly a convenient option and give your home a conventional look. 

Nowadays, every second homeowner opts for a Glass Balcony design for their balcony. They not only provide an unobstructed view but also invites plenty of natural light, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting in the rooms. Glass Balcony designs can add architectural design to any building. Therefore, you should always look for designs that are both safe and functional. If you regularly maintain these glass designs, they can become the focal point of your home.

Here we will be taking a look at Glass Balcony Designs for not only residences but also for office spaces, commercial, shops, etc. Each look comes with unique look and features so that you can experiment and stand out from the rest. Here are the options to consider:

(1) Architectural Glass Railing Design ideal for High-End Corporate House: Are you searching for a Glass Balcony design for your corporate house balcony? Then, an architectural style of transparent glass railing design might be the best fit for you. No matter whether it is your home or office space, elegance is sure to prevail with this design. 

(2) Scandinavian Glass Railing Design ideal for Living Room Extended Balcony: The concept of Scandinavian Glass Balcony design is pretty compact and ground-breaking. They cover the total exposed area of the balcony thereby giving it a crystal-clear view. They look extremely sophisticated and elegant on skyscrapers and multistoried buildings. This design is also a perfect match for the Commercial sector. 

(3) Aluminum Covered Glass Railing Design ideal for your modern house balcony: A modern house balcony needs something minimal yet elegant design. A perfect match for the criteria is the aluminum-covered Glass Balcony design. 

(4) Handheld Stainless Steel Railing with Transparent Glass Fusion: Does your home balcony need a handheld railing? Then, you can easily tick the box by choosing a stainless steel Glass Balcony design. While the railing is made of stainless steel, glass becomes the transparent base element.

(5) Laminated Glass Railing Design ideal for your Sassy house: A single type of glass can look different in different types of homes. And your sassy home is not an exception to it. Your dream home will start looking sassier if you install a laminated Glass Balcony design for your balcony. 

(6) Glassdoor for both your home and office: A sleek transparent Glass Balcony design is a statement made with grace, be it in a workplace or in your home. But make sure to take proper care while handling it, as rough use can damage it. 

Things to consider with a Glass Shopfront

Irrespective of the size, with all glass installation projects, it becomes pretty essential to plan beforehand and consider what you really want to achieve. Here we have mentioned three things that you should consider when you are planning your shopfront. 

(1) Design: The shop front is the first impression of your store, business, or office. So, it goes without saying that design is an essential consideration. When you install a Glass Shopfront, it makes your space look modern and fresh. It also allows your customers to see or preview what is inside the store. Keep in mind that it should be inviting so avoid any kind of excessive decorations, posters, or manifestations placed on your shop front as that might look unappealing and cluttered. When your customers are inside your shop, they should feel comfortable so it is important that your shop receives plenty of natural light coming in from your Glass Shopfront. 

(2) Practicality: Another thing to consider is the practicality of your Glass Shopfront. You might prefer the doors to be “hold open”, which is best suited when you are inside a shopping Centre. While you might also prefer self-closing shopfronts if you are exposed to the elements. Double Doors can be a good option if you stock larger products or if you expect a large crowd in your store and thus a large number of people coming in and out of your store at the same time. Security should be your first consideration if you stock valuable items. Perhaps a Glass Shopfront with two or three locks would be preferable. You can also opt for Security Glass Shopfront which is glass panels with a tough plastic interlayer that even if broken or cracked will still hold itself in position. 

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