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Whenever the need arises to create a square business card, it is very comfortable to put some information on a plain piece of card and hope for the best.

However, if you want to create a wow factor, you need to think about more than that in your business card printing. Because as you can see, this small format of square business cards can stand out and work nicely than a slip of paper whenever your contact information is placed on it to get an edge over your competitors and to ensure that potential clients don’t forget about you.

Therefore, to create a better business card.

Basically, you have to rely mainly on ideas, designs, and messages that can help you to create something that will make a lasting impression.

If you want to bring that wow factor to your business card, here are some points on how you can do that.

1. What to put on a business card?

The main motive for building these forms is to convey your contact details from one person to another. However, putting every single detail on it can be really enticing. Whenever you do this since you have an overwhelming amount of data packed onto your tiny little square it will be perplexing and off-putting for your recipients. 

Then, what you can do is – place your name, the job title or position, your mail I’d, phone number, the website of your business, and the relevant social media handles that you have.

By placing such, you offer the recipients the chance to connect with you in a more inert way, this means that you’re able to build a relationship with them that are less direct than email.

Therefore, the additional information/components which you can add there are:

• Headshot/ Image.

• QR codes, and

• Your company’s slogan.

2. Keep Your Audience in Mind.

Many peoples try to make their cards look appealing. That’s why they infuse their time in selecting the correct color, font, and design that goes well with it.

However, remember that the final destination of your business card is entirely depends on your recipient. Since they have varied tastes and expectations. 

So, whenever you contemplate to whom you’re providing your cards, then you might be able to craft a message that can address their pain points and serves according to their needs instead of creating something that you merely think is pretty.

Remember that you can’t articulate with all at the same time. That’s why it’ll be much superior to desire for a neutral business card for everyone – though it usually appeals to no one.

3. Keep It on Brand.

Visualize the time taken by the one to trek once they obtain your square business cards. Perhaps, they might be going to glimpse at your website, inspect your social media channels, and in the end, will send you an email or ring your mobile.

So, to make this trek as pleasant as possible, you can keep every step on your brand. This signifies the utilization of brand color, font, and tagline that is much comparable with your website and other materials so that the recipients can make a fast connection when they look for you.

It also moors with your employee branding. In case you’re making a pile of these forms for a lot of different employees, you can link them inclusively with the company’s branding while including the personal details to make them individual.

4. Get Creative and Stand Out.

Usually, a lot of business card swapping is done in a business seminar. It means most individuals can end up taking a stack of cards with them in their homes, but as the sit gets dusty on their desk until the need arises to swap them away. 

This is why it’s essential to have a business card that can be notifiable when they pile with others, and the best technique for that is being innovative. 

Rather than just putting your details and brand colors onto a structured square card, you can actually spice things up by endeavoring with the newest business card trends. You can offer the fringe with a colorful paint wash to make them stand out when they’re in a stack or can strongly aspire to make your card into a weird and excellent shape.

5. Keep it straightforward.

Previously we’ve discussed not to provide more data onto your card, the same thing is applicable with your design details as well – if you actually want all to read them.

In the design world at present, minimalism is the latest trend. This is ideal for making a better and a powerful first impression without overwhelming the recipient. Remember that they’ll have loads of business cards to shift through, so if your card is simple to comprehend and only based on essential details, you’ll have the chance to get an email.

The Epilogue: – Therefore, these are the crucial points that you can contemplate in making a wow factor in your square business cards. As you finish reading the entire context, you will find yourself enrich with the knowledge of what to do and don’ts while making a business card printing

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