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Of late personal grooming has been very essential both for men and women. Women have been devoted to their grooming necessities from time immemorial, however, men on the other hand either depended exclusively on the salons for whatever little grooming they required or simply ignored the need to be well-groomed.

Things have, however, changed now and in the world of social media and fashion policing, everyone finds it important to invest some time and money in grooming oneself. And considering this particular shift in the men’s fashion domain, the market has come up with a variety of grooming tools that are designed to offer specific styling. From Head Shaver to trimmers, these tools have come to make men’s fashion easy and affordable.

While looking for personal grooming tools, you may often come across a significant number of products that are all promising some possible grooming assistance. But it becomes difficult to identify the specific tool that you possibly require for your styling.

Here, we will try to decode the functionalities of the various grooming tools that are available in the market. Give it a thorough read so that next time you don’t get confused between a  Mens Head Shaver and Hair Clippers. The various personal grooming tools are designed to deliver specific grooming requirements and were developed to cater to the grooming needs of men.

Hair Clippers

Leo J Wahl invented the electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919 and before that only manual clippers existed in the market. Clippers are designed to cut longer hairs and so they do not operate too close to the scalp like shavers and trimmers. The manual clippers were a pair of handles which would cut the hair when squeezed together.

With the introduction of electromagnetic clippers, the blades were powered by a motor to work more efficiently. With time, the clippers had only seen improvement in their ability with modern technology taking up the responsibility to create future-ready clippers. The contemporary market of grooming tools finds clippers that are powered with rechargeable batteries and offer more freedom to men hair cutting endeavours.


Razors are the oldest available grooming tool. These are manual tools that are used for close shaves for a smooth finish. Razor has been more popular for beard shaving and is popularly used to shave the face, body, and legs.

Razors are available in various styles and different numbers of blades which need to be replaced once the blades get blunt with use. Although razors are known for their efficient functionality and smooth results, however, they have a risky side to their use as the sharp blades can give injuries with a little carelessness. Deciding between opting for a razor or an electric shaver is a personal preference and is based on grooming requirements.

Hair Trimmers

Trimmers are designed to cut shorter and finer hairs like facial hair and body hair because of their tooth and blade size. The trimmers also make for a perfect tool for detailing various hairstyles and for the styling of sideburns and beards. Usually, trimmers come with a variety of attachments that have their purpose of use that help in attaining a specific hairstyle. There are also many detail trimmers available in the market that are focussed on the detailed trimming of hairs in the ears, nose, and eyebrows. Trimmers are one of the popular personal grooming tools that have been widely used across the globe for their efficient and unique functionality.

Head Shavers

The Mens Head Shaver has, of late, created quite a stir in the grooming scenario as the shaved head look is gaining popularity among men. With experiencing a pandemic and the limited resources and access to salons and hairdressers, most men have come to highly regard a shaved head. A shaved head is considered convenient, easy to maintain and cost-effective in comparison to other expensive and high-maintenance hairstyles. The head shavers offer a clean and smooth result and are ergonomically made for ease of use. The electric shavers are available in two different categories: foil and rotary.

The foil shavers are used for close-to-skin shaves and the rotary shaving heads are used for thick and long hairs. The new age shavers are water resistant and so can be used for both dry and wet shaves. They are economical in the long run as they do not need any refilling of blades or batteries. They can be either used with a direct power source or a rechargeable battery set-up. In short, the Head Shaver has emerged to be one of the most popular and suitable personal grooming tools for men.

Final Word

Every grooming tool has some basic functionality, however, when styling is the concern then many times they are used interchangeably to fit each other’s shoes wherever required. Grooming is an essential requirement of humans and in a world where looks and appearance matter, investing in a proper grooming tool can be a solution to personal grooming requirements. Understand the use of each of the tools and invest smartly to keep up your fashion game.

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