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Column radiators is increasing in popularity in recent years because of their elegant and modern design. These radiators are undoubtedly a true statement in any room. If you are looking to redesign your heating system or add a designed radiator to your house, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed with the variety of available choices. Read on to find more about what are column radiators and why are they perfect for your home. In this article, we will cover all the available types to help you make a better decision.

What is a Column Radiator?

Column radiators are traditionally styled radiators made from hollow tubes made of iron or steel. The cast-iron style radiators are as efficient and charming as the real cast iron column radiators, but now man homeowners prefer using stainless steel body radiators. Steel radiators are lightweight and heat the space faster than other materials. 1800 horizontal column radiatorare known as the most efficient and popular type on the market. Single-column radiators don’t exist, but double, triple and four-column radiators are available on the market. The range of best column radiators includes both horizontal and vertical designs. The columns on the radiators make sections, the more the columns, the higher the heat outputs. You will find the column radiators available in different sizes and styles, such as horizontal, vertical, low and even electrical options. These options enable you to choose one suitable for the size, theme and style of your place.

How do Column Radiators Work?

Just like every other central heating radiator, column radiators also work by the hot water flowing through the tubes. The boiling water heats the columns and surrounding air. The convection current spreads heat across the room and warm up the place. There are different materials available on the market. However, aluminium and mild steel are known for heating the place more efficiently and in less time. However, the question is, are column radiators a perfect choice for you. since these radiators have a larger surface area and space between the columns, they are effective at heating the air more quickly. So, if you have a radiator with more columns, more heat will produce and diffuse through the spaces, and then spread throughout the room quickly.

What are the Benefits of using Column Radiators?

As you know radiators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you go for a traditional style or modern style, there is something in column radiators that you will find attractive. If you are planning to invest the column radiators in your home or any other property, here are some reasons that prove that horizontal radiators could be the right choice for you.

  1. Column radiators are traditionally classic

The horizontal column radiators are traditional in style and make you think of the old days when cast iron column radiators were used. Homes with the traditional interior décor may want to invest in these radiators because of the simplicity, efficiency and style. Horizontal column radiators are subtle and classic in style, which makes them a good choice if you like an attractive yet subtle design.

Column Radiators are Available in a Variety of Styles

When you choose to go for the horizontal column radiators, there are many choices available for you. with so many designs out there, you can go for the perfect radiator style ranging from panel radiators to double convector fin. Each available style has its benefits in terms of look, style and efficiency. However, while investing in the column radiator, it is best to look at each model’s heat outputs, so you can find the one suitable for your room.

Column Radiators are Perfect for Longer Walls

When you have larger wall space, you have more options to make the room look good. The best thing about the column radiators is that they are perfect for rooms with more space on walls. If you prefer a horizontal column radiator, you are making the best choice. This style of column radiators allows you to have a higher space for shelving, paintings or other amenities. However, larger room space means a larger radiator, so it must be kept in mind that if you want to minimise the heat output, you can cover the radiator with a sofa or any other furniture.

Column Radiators Produce more Heat

When it comes to the heating level the radiators provide, the column radiators are great for broader heat dispersal. The heat works through convection, and the heat rises from bottom to high. If you have higher ceilings in your room, column radiators are a good choice. The higher heat dispersal makes sure there are no cold pockets left.


When it comes to the heating system, everyone wants equipment that is efficient as well as stylish. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable system for your home according to its characteristics. Now that you know every benefit that comes with a column radiator, it will be easy for you to invest in it.

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