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Children love to be surprised especially when they come home from school on a normal workday and then out of the blue, seeing their friends already at a house to celebrate surprise kid birthdays. It is a fact that children are always happy to receive surprises and what’s more exciting than coming home from school, expecting to have to do their homework but then finding out that there’s presents and cake in the houseMake sure you hand out invitations as late as possible.

Sure you ma thing that if you hand out the invitations to the secret kid birthdays then the people who are invited may not actually have enough time to RSVP. This may be true but at the end of the day, which do you think is worse? Having people not show up  or having those who were invited early to ruin the surprise of the kid birthdays?

You would definitely prefer the former simply because you would not want all of your hard work in doing the secret planning, the secret buying of gifts and then having them ruined by some kid with a blabbermouth. No, this is something that you would stake your own pride in and the happiness of your child so you should never try to send out the invitations too early before any surprise kid birthdays.

  1. Make sure you keep the presents well hidden

Children have an almost superstitious sense when it comes to presents and not only when Christmas time comes around but also when it’s their birthday. They may not be able to contain their excitement and curiosity and may try to break your whole plan of organizing the secret kid birthdays.

This is why if you’ve bought and brought home the presents early on, you will need to think about all the places where your children may think to look at. Maybe it’s the cellar or your bedroom closet, never try to hide the presents in places that would be obvious. Instead, try to look for places that they would not think to look for presents there, like the kitchen cabinet. 

Of course, you will need to remember where you keep the presents otherwise they will not be able to help you look for them considering you have just outsmarted yourself. Surprise kid birthdays are a fun event to both parent and child so make sure you do whatever it takes to keep it a secret until the right moment.

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